Cancer Society Research Collaboration

The Cancer Society Research Collaboration (CSRC) hosted by Otago University.

The new Cancer Society Research Collaboration (CSRC) combines leading cancer researchers working in the areas of: cancer and chronic conditions, health promotion and policy, smokefree research, and the previous Social and Behavioural Research Unit. It will be led by senior Otago University staff: Professors Janet Hoek, Diana Sarfati and Louise Signal, Associate Professor Sue Crengle and Drs Richard Egan and Rachael McLean.

Funding cancer research is one of the ways the Cancer Society makes good use of the donations provided by Kiwis every year. We need to see fewer cancers by better cancer prevention, and improve care and support to help with the distress it causes many New Zealanders and their whānau. New Zealand-based knowledge plays an important role in this.

New Zealand has well documented inequities in cancer, the most significant between Māori and non-Māori. The collaboration has a particular focus on finding ways to eliminate these unfair differences and includes experts in public health, Māori health, social science, Pacific health and clinical medicine. It draws together leading cancer researchers in a comprehensive programme of research on cancer prevention, care and support.

Specific research themes to address these issues include: progressing a Smokefree Aotearoa, skin cancer prevention, improving nutrition, reducing obesity and alcohol-related harm, promoting physical activity, preventing infection-related cancers and improving cancer care and support.