Relaxation and Visualisation

Relaxation, visualisation and guided imagery exercises are known to encourage physical relaxation, deeper breathing and a sense of peacefulness and calm.

Simply click on the links below to download your free copy of the Relaxation and Visualisation and Relaxation and Guided Imagery CDs, track by track. When practised regularly, these exercises can enhance emotional and physical wellbeing.

Relaxation and Visualisation 


Track 1) - Breathing Focus (12 mins)

Track 2) - Slowing Down Mind Chatter (10 mins)

Track 3) - Progressive Relaxation (15 mins)


Track 4) Beautiful Butterfly (21 mins)

Relaxation and Guided Imagery CD (contact us to know more).

Track 1) Body awareness and muscle relaxation

Track 2) Visualisation and using guided imagery

 Living WIth Cancer-Related Breathlessness

Track 1) - Living With Cancer Related Breathlessness (24 mins)