Services available during and after treatment

We offer a wide range of support services to all those coping with cancer. Most services are either free or subsidised. Not all services are available in every region. Please check with your local Cancer Society Centre to confirm availability.

Our services are as follows:
Carpark and Tea Room

Visit the Wellington Cancer Society at 52 Riddiford St Newtown. You can hire Cancer Society rooms for meetings.

The Cancer Society car park, opposite Wellington Hospital is available (on a first in, first served basis) free of charge to people with cancer that are going to outpatient hospital appointments. Please show your appointment card to our receptionist and let us know your car registration number.

Our tearoom is a place to take a break and have a cup of tea or coffee, and it’s a great place where you can wait between hospital appointments.


Transport to treatment

Talk to the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre staff about your transport options.

This service is for people with cancer who do not have someone to take them regularly to and from hospital for appointments, Tell the travel assistance clerk at the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre if you need help either regularly or from time to time, and they will contact the volunteer driving coordinator. Read more...


Accommodation during treatment

Margaret Stewart House has accommodation for out-of-town cancer patients needing treatment at the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre. The local hospital’s travel assistance clerk can arrange a booking. You may be able to get accommodation assistance from the Ministry of Health to fund your stay – check with your referring hospital or hospital social worker. Read more...


Patient/Family/Whānau Support Volunteer Visitors

Trained volunteers can visit with you at home or in hospital. They can provide practical help, respite and a break for your supporter.

Call 0800 CANCER (226 237) or for more information.



Cancer is not a contra-indication to massage. However, there may be times, especially during treatment, when it is not appropriate to massage a particular part of the body. The massage will then focus on other parts of the body. It is important to consult your doctor before receiving massages.
Massage for relaxation is available at the Cancer Society Rooms in Newtown on Tuesday by appointment. Massages are subsidised by the Cancer Society - charges range from $15-$40 an hour. Read more...


Counselling Services

Counselling provides a confidential outlet for people with cancer and/or their supporters to about how cancer is impacting on your life. It can help you understand what is happening to you and help you practice ways to cope.

Referrals to counselling services for people with cancer and their carers can be made by calling 0800 CANCER (226 237). You do not need a doctor's referral. Read more...

Lymphoedema Education and Support

Lymphoedema is a long term swelling of one or more parts of the body when your drainage system doesn’t work properly. You may be at risk of lymphoedema following some cancer treatments, including surgery or radiation treatment to your lymph nodes. The Cancer Society offers a range of services for those who develop lymphoedema, or who  want more information about this condition. Phone 0800 CANCER (226 237) or contact for more information.


Compression Sleeve Hire for Travel

Compression sleeves are available from us if you’re at risk of arm lymphoedema when you’re travelling. Compression sleeves may reduce the risk of arm swelling, which may happen because of lower air pressure in the aircraft cabin. Talk to your doctor about this or phone 0800 CANCER (0800 226 237).


Silky Pillows and Softees (temporary breast forms)

Silky pillows and softees are useful, crescent-shaped, satin-covered pillows, made by volunteers, which are given away to people who want to protect parts of the body after surgery. 
A Softee is a breast form used after breast surgery. Call 0800 CANCER (226 237) or contact for more information about these items.

Workplace Advocacy

We help to facilitate managing the impact of cancer in the work place. This could include


  • How to support an employee going through a cancer journey
  • Things that are and are not helpful
  • Emotions and self care in the workplace


  • What your employer needs to know
  • How to have an open conversation with your employer
  • Your rights at work
  • Work and Income New Zealand, benefits  and insurance
  • Dealing with colleagues
  • Returning to the work place/force

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