Counselling For Children 

If you or your family/whanau has been affected by cancer, our counselling service is here to help.

We will help you understand what is happening, and discuss ways of coping with difficulties you may be facing.

Counselling can help you with:
  • the shock and disbelief of a diagnosis
  • Decision making- helping you to manage the emotions around the need for treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment)
  • Your need for a confidential outlet when it gets difficult to talk to others - at home, at work, or with friends
  • Difficult emotions like anger and grief, and learning to manage to manage them more effectively
  • Change (psychological and physical), and working towards you regaining confidence andself esteem
  • Managing anxiety and panic
  • Assessing your risk depressing and working towards overcoming and panic.

An opportunity to discuss with your partner and/or other family members the impact of a cancer diagnosis on your relationship/s and to explore effective ways of offering one another support through this time.

You can see one of our counsellors on your own, with your partner, or with your family/whanau. All counselling is confidential. The Cancer Society could  also refer you to other counsellors in other areas.

" An ear to listen, strategies for coping warmth and genuine care. Above all there was understanding."

Counselling For Children

This is a new addition to counselling. We have been able to extend our counselling services to include parents and children or family counselling as we have an experienced art therapist as part of the counselling team. We also have a counsellor who is experienced in working with young adults and the parents or carers who support them.

For an appointment phone Support and Information Service on 04 389 8421, or or ask to be referred by your doctor or any other person involved in your care.

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