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New Zealanders are quick to offer help during challenging life events, whether it is a cancer diagnosis, an accident, or the loss of a loved one.

But this help might arrive all at once; include multiple lasagnas and fish pies, and involve a lot of phone calls and emails to coordinate.

We’re pleased to introduce you to Support Crew, a free online tool that makes it easy to ask for the help you really need, when you need it – and shows your loved ones exactly how they can help. This could be anything from meals, to school drop-offs/pickups, cleaning, gardening, walking the dog – or anything else you may need.

How Support Crew works:

Create a private Support Page: anyone can set it up; it’s safe, secure, fast and FREE.

Invite your Crew: invite friends and family from here or overseas to connect on your Support Page.

Make requests for help: use our templates to request help with anything from transport to meals to child-care.

Share updates: share news, accept offers to help and manage visitors. Save time by easily communicating in ONE place.

 Kelly Banks and Janine Williams founded support Crew after they experienced frustration coordinating offers of help when supporting loved ones through cancer, including Kelly’s partner Randal when he was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. So Kelly and Janine became passionate about making it easy for Kiwi’s to get and give a hand during tough times like when dealing with cancer.

How Support Crew has helped

Support Crew has already helped nearly 5,000 Kiwi’s give and get a hand, and the most common reason that Kiwi’s use Support Crew is for dealing with cancer.

“We had a beautiful woman dealing with breast cancer who set-up a Support Page as a meal roster during her chemo treatment.  She received 65 meals over six months and more than $2,000 worth of meals, fuel and supermarket vouchers that friends and family from near and afar organised for her through our Give Store.  

“Look at the kind of impact that a Support Page can have. It can certainly help relieve the financial burden of going through an already difficult time” says Co-founder Kelly Banks.

“We get so many people saying things like ‘I don’t know how I would have coped without Support Crew’. People often tell us that we’ve created an easy way for them to ask for help without them feeling like they’re asking.

At the Cancer Society, we thought this tool would be useful to a lot of people and have partnered with Kelly and Janine to help spread the word about Support Crew. 

How do I get started?

Ask a loved one to set-up and manage a Support Page for you. They will likely be the ones keeping an eye on you anyway and will now have one place to manage all those offers to help, so it’s not all on them.

Create a FREE Support Page for yourself or someone else at

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This article appeared in our client magazine CanTalk in Summer 2021, read the full issue here.