Tax rebates for donations

The Cancer Society of New Zealand is an independent, non-government organisation. It is the generosity of individuals and organisations who donate that enables the Society to provide a wide range of services free of charge for all people affected by cancer.

The IRD tax rebate policy rewards donors for their generosity and, in some cases, it has enabled supporters to donate more in any one year. Budget 2007 removed the cap on the dollar amounts of charitable donations eligible for tax relief.

As of April 2008, individuals can now claim tax rebates up to the level of their taxable income, while companies and Maori authorities can claim deductions for donations up to the level of their annual net income. 

Previously, the maximum rebate available to all tax paying individuals was $630 for donations of $1,890 or more that had been made in any one year.

The Cancer Society commends the Government's removal of the cap on charitable donations rewards the many loyal supporters of the Society who have traditionally donated above the rebate threshold. It encourages everyone to donate more by planning gifts over time if their circumstances allow.

The Cancer Society is pleased to see the value of charitable giving in New Zealand being acknowledged in this way. The Society agrees it also shares some responsibility in providing new ways for valued supporters to donate to our cause.

The end of the financial year is a time when we encourage all donors of the Cancer Society to claim their rebate.

To do this they must obtain a copy of the IRD rebate claim form which can be downloaded from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) website, or by calling IRD INFO express on 0800 257 773 (quoting your IRD number).

Once the IRD Rebate Claim Form (IR 526) has been filed, this same form will be mailed by the IRD automatically each year to assist with future rebate claims.