Hope for Life FAQs

How do I contact you about fundraiser?

Who are the agents and what suburbs are they in? 

What will my donation be used for?

Why is Cancer Society doing door-to-door fundraising?

What is regular giving?

How much should I give? 

What confirmation will I receive when I sign-up to the Hope for Life Programme

Why are the door-to-door fundraisers using iPads?

What happens to my details when I sign up on the iPad?

Can I claim tax back on my donations?

What if I would prefer to support Cancer Society in other ways?

How can I be sure the fundraiser is really from The Cancer Society?

When do Cancer Society fundraisers work? 

Is my information secure?

How is face-to-face fundraising regulated?

What happens if my situation changes?


Who are the agents and what suburbs are they in? 


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Peter Cartright 

Bill Cox Morton2
Bill Cox-Morton

Andy Collins2
Andy Collins

Ethan Daymond2
Ethan Daymond

Zac Sapeas
Zac Sapeas

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Matthew Johanson

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Lorena Pierson Cofre

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Eduardo Vargas

Steph Beech
Stephanie Beech



Brown Owl
Crofton Downs
Days Bay
Houghton Bay
Island Bay
Kowhai Park
Lowry Bay
Mount Vic
Point Howard
Pukerua Bay
Rona Bay
Stokes Valley
Titahi Bay
Totara Park
Waikanae Beach
York Bay


What will your donation be used for?

Hope For Life regular giving funds will be used to expand the scale of our services to meet the demand for them. In 2017 The Cancer Society Wellington Division provided $5 million worth of services. Over the next five years we want to increase that by at least $2 million to bolster the following;

Supportive care services including; our 0800 CANCER phone support, peer support, patient/family/whanau support, volunteer visitors, client classes, workshops and talks, counselling services, face-to-face support by experienced cancer nurses, online support, our library a CanTalk newsletter for carers and patients, relaxation, yoga, massage, lymphoedema education and support, healthy-steps exercise and movement programmes and workplace advocacy client and volunteer car parking and catering, client transport to treatment, accommodation at Margaret Stewart House.  

We provide health promotion programmes in areas including Smokefree, SunSmart education, physical activity, alcohol and nutrition, in workplaces, schools and communities, and we advocate to support the development and implementation of healthy public policy. For more details, take a look at our position statements on our website here.

We do this for projects that we think are the best investments in fighting or reducing the risk of cancer. 

 Why is Cancer Society doing door-to-door fundraising?

We receive no Government funding for our services. We rely entirely on the generosity of supporters like you to provide crucial help to cancer patients and families.

Despite all the modern technology available today, talking directly with people about the need for cancer services and finding life-saving cancer treatments is one of the most effective ways to inspire them to become a regular donor.

As more people are diagnosed with cancer, and demand for services increases, the need to ask the community for ongoing support increases each year.

The people who choose to give each month directly to Cancer Society underpin vital services and cancer research – allowing Cancer Society's most critical work to continue

What is regular giving?

Regular giving means setting up a regular, automatic gift to Cancer Society for an amount of your choosing. The donation can be made by credit card or straight from your bank account to ours via a Direct Debit.

How much should I give?

That's up to you. Every dollar counts. On average, people are giving around $30 a month, but it is up to you. 

How do I contact you about a door to door fundraiser?

Contact us anytime by calling 0800HOPE4LIFE (0800 467 345) or email fundraising@cancersoc.org.nz

To help us answer your query, we will ask you to provide as much information as possible, such as:

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact details
  3. Date, time and location of where you spoke with the fundraiser
  4. The fundraiser’s name (if you know it)
  5. Summary of your query or feedback

What confirmation will I receive when I sign-up to the Hope For Life Programme?

If signing up with one of our door to door fundraisers, you will get a welcome text message, email and a letter. If you sign up online you will receive a welcome letter and email. 

We look forward to getting in touch with regular monthly updates too! Please email us any feedback you might have about these emails. 

 Why are the door to door fundraisers using iPads?

Cancer Society fundraisers use iPads to make the Signature Programme sign-up process simple and efficient for donors.

What happens to my details when I sign up on the iPad?

The security and privacy of your data is a top priority, and we use multiple layers of security and encryption.

Once entered on the iPad, your details are encrypted to ensure your personal information and credit card or bank account details are secure. Your personal details are transmitted and stored securely in compliance with industry standards.

Can I claim tax back on my donations?

Yes! We will send you an annual tax receipt soon after 31st March each year for all your regular gifts given in that tax year. Most people are able to claim one-third of their donations back as a tax rebate.

What if I would prefer to support Cancer Society in other ways?

That is fantastic, thank you! You could organise a fundraiser or volunteer with us! Click here to find out some other options. 

How can I be sure the fundraiser is really from The Cancer Society?

The Cancer Society representatives are dressed in Hope4Life apparel and wear a name tag to identify themselves.

When do Cancer Society fundraisers work?

 As it is the Summer months, our face-to-face fundraisers visit residential homes between 1 pm and 8:00 pm.   

Is my information secure? 

Absolutely! Our fundraisers use tablets to collect and encrypt information electronically, which ensures the security of our donors. They should never ask for cash donations when doing door to door fundraising.

How is face to face fundraising regulated?

The Cancer Society is a member of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association(PFRA) of New Zealand. They work with charities and service providers to ensure quality, integrity and transparency in face-to-face fundraising by creating an atmosphere of public confidence and regulatory satisfaction. 

 What happens if my situation changes?

If you face changes calls us on 0800HOPE4LIFE (0800 467 345). We have some options available to accommodate your needs and still enable you to be part of the HOPE4LIFE Pledge Programme. 

If you are a client of our services or already a donor then please tell the canvasser that you are