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Our Hope4Life campaign starts August 28th, 2017 in Wellington. 
If you need to contact us phone  0800HOPE4LIFE (0800 467 345) or email fundraising@cancersoc.org.nz

“Our Hope4Life campaign is trying to establish an extra $2 million dollars over the next five years.Your commitment to the Hope4Life campaign will help us enormously.” Michael Smith – CEO (Cancer Society Wellington)

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Knock Knock. Who’s there? It’s The Cancer Society Wellington.”

Keep your eyes out for our Face to Face fundraisers who you may find knocking on your door from September onwards for those living in the Wellington region. “We are starting with a door to door public fundraising campaign seeking
households to commit to regular monthly giving to the Cancer Society, ” says Graeme Milne Fundraising and Communications Manager.  

“Our fundraisers will be wearing bibs and lanyards to identify themselves with the Hope4Life campaign brand identifying them as part of the Cancer Society Wellington. We are aiming to generate an additional $500,000 annually from this form of fundraising,” says Graeme. “There remains an increasing demand for our services, and this is a proven way to expand our donations. No one should have to face cancer alone; these funds will extend the benefits we can provide to cancer patients and families. This Hope4Life campaign will play an important role in expanding our capability”

What will your donation be used for?

Hope4Life regular giving funds will be used to expand the scale of our services to meet the demand for them. In 2017 The Cancer Society Wellington Division provided $5 million worth of services. Over the next five years we want to increase that by at least $2 million to bolster the following;

Supportive Care services

Supportive Care Services including; our 0800 CANCER phone support, peer support, patient/family/whanau support, volunteer visitors, client classes, workshops & talks, counselling services, face to face support by experienced cancer nurses, online support, our library a CanTalk newsletter for carers and patients, relaxation, yoga, massage, lymphoedema education and support, healthy-steps exercise and movement programmes and workplace advocacy client & volunteer car parking and catering, client transport to treatment, accommodation at Margaret Stewart House.  

Health Promotion Programmes 

We provide health promotion programmes in areas including Smokefree, SunSmart education, physical activity, alcohol and nutrition, in workplaces, schools and communities, and we advocate to support the development and implementation of healthy public policy. For more details, take a look at our position statements on our website here.

We invest heavily in cancer research 

We do this for projects that we think are the best investments in fighting or reducing the risk of cancer. 

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Read stories from people we have helped.

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How can I be sure the fundraiser is really from The Cancer Society?

The Cancer Society representatives are dressed in Hope4Life apparel and wear a name tag to identify themselves.

When do Cancer Society fundraisers work?

Our face-to-face fundraisers visit residential homes between 2 pm and 8:00 pm.   

Is my information secure?

Absolutely! Our fundraisers use tablets to collect and encrypt information electronically, which ensures the security of our donors. They should never ask for cash donations when doing door to door fundraising.

How is face to face fundraising regulated?

The Cancer Society is a member of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association(PFRA) of New Zealand. They work with charities and service providers to ensure quality, integrity and transparency in face-to-face fundraising by creating an atmosphere of public confidence and regulatory satisfaction. 

 What happens if my situation changes?

If you face changes calls us on 0800HOPE4LIFE (0800 467 345). We have some options available to accommodate your needs and still enable you to be part of the HOPE4LIFE Pledge Programme. 

If you are a client of our services or already a donor then please tell the canvasser that you are.

Areas we are in starting 18th December :



Clouston Park

Kingsley Heights

Totara Park

Pukerua Bay








Titahi Bay


Karaka bay



Lyall Bay








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