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Advanced Cancer – Matepukupuku Maukaha

Advanced melanoma of the skin

Bowel cancer Matepukupuku Puku Hamuti

Breast Cancer in Men: From one man to another

Breast Cancer – Te Matepukupuku o ngā Ū

Cancer clinical trials

Cancer in the Family: Talking to your children

Cancer of the Uterus – Matepukupuku o te Kōpū.

Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and Targeted treatment

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Coping with cancer: Your guide to support and practical help

Early stage melanoma - Wāhanga tōmua tonapuku

Eating well during cancer treatment – Kia pai te Kai i te wā maimoatanga matepukupuku

Emotions and Cancer: A guide for people with cancer, their families/whanau and friends

Fesili 'e te ono fia fesili ai – Questions you may wish to ask

Getting on with life after treatment – Te hoki anō ki tō toioranga whai muri I te maimoatanga

Improving bowel function after treatment

Kanesa o le susu: O le ta’iala mo tama’ita’I ua maua I le Kanesa o le susu e le’I sosolo

Living with dry mouth

Lung Cancer – Matepukupuku Pūkahukahu

Ngā pātai tērā pea ka hiahia tuku koe – Questions you may wish to ask

Prostate Cancer/ Matepukupuku Repeure: A guide for men with prostate cancer

Questions You May Wish to Ask

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Arabic

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Chinese Simplified

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Chinese Traditional

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Cook Island Maori

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Gujarati

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Hindi

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Korean

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Niuean

Questions You May Wish to Ask – Tongan

Radiation Treatment – Haumanu Iraruke

Secondary breast cancer 2018

Sex and Cancer – Hōkakatanga me te Matepukupuku

Supporting someone with cancer

Talking about Grief and Loss

Information Sheets

A Guide for Women with Breast Cancer

Advanced melanoma

After breast cancer surgery

Benefits and entitlements

Benefits and entitlements: What happens when you apply for Work and Income support?

Bowel cancer

Breast prosthesis and bra

Breathlessness (being short of breath)

Cancer insurance legal and employment

Cancer-related fatigue

Cervical cancer

Checking your skin


Constipation, diarrohea and wind

Coping with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment

Coping with waiting

Ductal carcinoma in situ

Early menopause and cancer

Early stage melanoma

Hahau (chemotherapy)

Haumanu Iraruke - Te Reo Māori

Helping yourself

If you have difficulty sleeping

Living with lymphoedema

Making decisions about your cancer treatment

Managing a sore mouth, dry mouth or mouth infections

Managing cancer in the workplace

Managing cancer pain

Matepukupuku repeure – Prostate cancer


Ocular Melanoma

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer awareness 2019

Prostate cancer

Radiation treatment

Radiation Treatment - Simplified Chinese

Radiation Treatment - Tongan

Radiation treatment -Samoan

Secondary breast cancer

Secondary breast cancer - Maori

Secondary cancer in the lung

Secondary cancer of the bone

Secondary cancer of the brain

Secondary cancer of the liver

Sex and cancer

Spirituality, wairuatanga and cancer

Supporting young adult children when you have cancer

Taste changes with chemotherapy and radiation treatment

Telling other people about your diagnosis

Tips for managing hair loss

Understanding lymphoedema

Using the internet to search for cancer information and support

What is cancer?

Your cancer care team

Leaflets and Brochures

Being active when you have cancer

Bowel cancer awareness

Going down the prostate cancer road

Gynaecological cancers

Long-term and Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

Talking to a friend with cancer


Application for a CT Collins Scholarship




Supportive Care and Information Services 2019

Catalogue of Supportive Care and Information Services

SunSmart resources

Māori SunSmart flyer in Te Reo

Minimum SunSmart Criteria for Kindergartens & Early Childhood Centres

Spot the Difference 2019

SunSafety Policy Template for Kindergartens & Early Childhood Services

Sunscreen Q&As

Sunsmart Checklist for Kindergartens & Early Childhood Centres

SunSmart school newsletter message 2018