Advice from people who have had radiation treatment

“My only advice is to talk about it. Be very careful to listen to everyone. Be very careful because some are very forceful. If you listen to everyone the right information will become apparent whilst the unusual advice may be the stuff you tend to ignore.” Gerald

“The big thing is to surround yourself with positive people, music, and quiet.” Silei

“I did a lot of visiting. I wrote to people. Even my father, he didn’t write back because that’s the way he is. I was into my genealogy. My husband and I volunteered to do my paternal genealogy. I was into that.” Karen

“One woman shared with me the tools of writing and I’ve still got that in the back of my mind — to actually sit down one day to do that. It’s a need to leave something. If I go tomorrow I want to leave a footprint.” Alofa

“Be yourself through this. Be optimistic. I think my judo has helped my whole mechanism. My discipline and training [from judo] has helped me focus and keep strong.” Milly

“Well, one of the things I thought about was that when you have the seeds they say you’re not supposed to sit next to a pregnant woman, but how the hell do you know that she’s pregnant [in the early stages]? So I told Human Resources at work and it was a bit like a safety and health issue.” Paul

“At my last appointment they said, ‘See you later’ and I said ‘Hang on a minute, I want to know this, this and this’, and they said ‘Oh, okay, let’s start at the beginning’.” Melinda