The Cancer Society would like to thank for their reviews, advice and contributions:

Marina Dzhelali – Charge Nurse Manager, Research, Radiation and Medical Oncology, Clinical Haematology, Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre, Wellington Hospital

Alison Wylie RN Oncology Research Nurse, Dunedin Hospital, Dunedin

Clinical Research Unit – Blood and Cancer Centre, Wellington Hospital, Wellington

Rachel McLay-Barnes RN Oncology Research Nurse, Dunedin Hospital, Dunedin

Wendy Thomas – Clinical Nurse Manager, Oncology Trials, Regional Cancer Centre, Waikato Hospital

Kerin Thompson – Clinical Research Co-ordinator, Adult Oncology Research Centre, Auckland Regional Cancer and Blood Service

Consumer reviewers – The Cancer Society wishes to acknowledge the input and expertise of our consumer reviewers.

Thanks to those who volunteered to have their photos taken for this booklet.

Meg Biggs, Julie Holt, Michelle Gundersen-Reid – Cancer Society Information Nurses

Sarah Stacy-Baynes – Information Manager

Louise Goossens – Charge Medical Photographer, Photographic Unit, Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Wellington

Brochure adapted with permission from:

National Cancer Institute/NCI Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group/ECOG.

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