Relax with Bobbie-Joe

We all need a touch of kindness and a soft place to land. So when someone is impacted by cancer, Bobbie-Joe Wilson–Massage and Relaxation Therapist, is there to help, support and listen.

 bobbie joe2

“I am in a lucky and privileged position working at the Cancer Society because people are grateful for an experience to help them amongst times that are really difficult. Whether it's waiting to see a specialist for an appointment or feelings of confrontation by the hospital system, I look at specific relaxation techniques for taking the edge off client’s anxieties or fears, based on where they are in their treatment.”


Bobbie-Joe always takes the time to make people feel as comfortable as possible, and he likes to have a chat with his clients first. “Some people are anxious about what is going to happen, so I always start with ‘chair time’ to give them a chance to see me face-to-face and get comfortable in the room. A sense of trust is important before someone gets on the massage table” he says.


“What I love most about my job are the people and the creativity that I get to be able to explore with clients, in terms of finding a way with relaxation techniques with my baseline knowledge of what works and how to tailor it to an individual. I love the connections with people and the sense of support of a bigger team.”

Massage and relaxation sessions on a Tuesday are partially subsidised by the Cancer Society Wellington, with clients making a personal contribution of between $15- $40 depending on ability to pay. For those eligible, the Cancer Society will provide up to six subsidised sessions. Eligibility is for people with cancer and their immediate support person. Once the subsidised sessions have been used up clients may continue to access Bobbie-Joe’s services on a Friday. The charge for these Friday sessions is at a favourable rate of $65 per session.

For more information and bookings phone The Cancer Society Wellington reception on 04 3898421.