Australia holds high hopes to eliminate HPV

The Australian Cancer Council has said that if vaccination and screening rates were maintained, the disease could be eradicated within 20 years.

Our medical director, Dr Chris Jackson, commented on these findings, "HPV is responsible for almost all cervical cancers, and a large number of head and neck cancers, as well as the leading cause of anal and other genital cancers.

If we vaccinate our kids against HPV, we can reduce their chances of many of these cancers and spare them the pain, suffering, surgery, chemo and radiation required for these conditions. High vaccination rates for HPV save lives.
While we don’t have the figures available for NZ about progress on vaccination and screening needed to become HPV free, it’s clear that high vaccination rates will save lives, reduce pain and suffering, and could lead to the eventual elimination of several types of common cancers. The higher the vaccination rates, and uptake of screening, the sooner that day will come."

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