Grants and our mission statement

The Medical and Scientific Committee of the Wellington Division grant funds for scientific research.

The activities we fund are in line with our mission statement. Funding will be used to:

  • Lower the rates of cancer and lessen its effects on New Zealanders by promoting and supporting biomedical, epidemiological and psycho-social research into all aspects of cancer.
  • Offer funds for professional education, which includes paying for medical and scientific personnel (nationally and internationally) to do formal study, and go to conferences, presentations and professional meetings.
  • Support scientific meetings in New Zealand.
  • Help fund visiting experts to Wellington.
  • Support summer studentships in cancer-related fields so they can experience and consider working as researchers.
  • Award a CT Collins PhD scholarship.
  • Support medical libraries to high-quality stock books, periodicals and journals about cancer treatment and research.
  • provide an annual Radiation Therapy Scholarship for a student based at the University of Otago (Wellington Campus)

The Medical and Scientific Committee understand that it’s their responsibility to make sure the funds donated to the Society are spent wisely. The result of work funded by us should:

  • improve measures to prevent and treat cancers
  • add to the understanding of the causes and growth of cancers
  • be of benefit to cancer patients in any way we can.

The Medical and Scientific Committee accepts that major funding for research should be a national responsibility of the Cancer Society of New Zealand. Wellington Division provides substantial funding each year to the Cancer Society of New Zealand national research fund.

The Medical and Scientific Committee will have an annual plan and budget approved by the Divisional Board, and funding will be set aside for:

  • Contributions to CSZN nationally approved research
  • Other Research – Wellington Division
  • Professional Education
  • Libraries Support
  • Summer Studentships.
  • Scholarships

The Medical and Scientific Committee will not fund infrastructure costs such as management and administration salaries, purchase or rental of buildings, vehicles or any of those costs that might be described as infrastructure.

The committee may fund seeding grants for new researchers or researchers they might wish to retain in Wellington, for basic start-up costs. The Medical and Scientific Committee will not consider applications for research that is already finished.