The CT Collins Scholarship

Seeking new applications in early 2021.

What the CT Collins scholarship hopes to achieve

The C T Collins Research Training Scholarship will allow a student to do cancer related research/study leading to a Doctorate in Philosophy from a New Zealand university. The successful applicant will be selected based on their potential for a career in cancer research and will be a full time student or part time equivalent.

Study in a university must be done mostly within the Wellington region which includes Marlborough, Nelson and the Wairarapa.

The length of the scholarship

The award is for two years, with the chance to extend this time to three years after an annual review that shows acceptable evidence of progress.

Your application and how the scholarship is announced

Applications must be made through the Head of the Department in which the Fellow will be working. 

The Scholarship would normally need to be started within twelve months of the date on which a successful applicant receives their grant.

Application dates will be advertised on our website. Applications will be discussed during the Medical and Scientific Committee’s next meeting after applications close. The recommendations of that Committee will be given to the next meeting of the Cancer Society Wellington Division Board. Candidates will be told the result after that Board meeting.

How much is a scholarship grant?

The payment is similar to a University Grants Committee Scholarship, which is currently $25,000 p.a. (or pro rata equivalent). Payments can start as soon as the successful applicant has registered for a Doctorate in Philosophy.

The expenses grant

The Scholarship carries with it a grant of $6,000 to be used for university fees, travel to scientific meetings, and the cost of thesis publication.

Suspension of the scholarship

The Cancer Society may decide, if it has grave cause, to stop the tenure of a scholarship, or take away a fellow’s scholarship, and from that date their benefits or other payments will stop.

The candidate will be told in writing about this decision.

Acknowledging the Society’s scholarship in publications

The person receiving the scholarship must acknowledge having the scholarship in all published articles about their research.

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