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Michael Smith

Equity Project Lead

Key responsibilities include:

  • The collection of baseline data for the Equity Project
  • To build relationships with Māori health and service providers in the region.
  • To provide equity advice to the planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes in conjunction with Health Promotion, Supportive Care and Volunteering teams within the boundaries of CSW
  • To support the development of equity partnership relationships within or relevant to CSW policies and programme areas
  • To develop and build relationships with key community stakeholders and to attend meetings with external agencies
  • To contribute to the review and implementation of the objectives and goals within CSW’s Mātātuhi Arahi, the service plan for Māori
  • To assist in the review of Cancer Society policies and procedures to ensure they include equity and align with our Mātātuhi Ārahi.
  • To utilise Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Ottawa Charter, and range of public health strategies to guide programme Implementation
  • Other tasks as agreed with CSW managers


  • Relationships with external providers are established, maintained and evidence of consultation is provided.
  • CSW staff better understand the need for equitable approaches to planning, and good quality equity advice is provided to the Cancer Society Wellington team.
  • CSW’s Mātātuhi Arahi, the service plan for Māori – goals and action plan are supported and appropriately promoted through an internal communication plan
  • Report on progress against goals of equity project
  • Divisional minimum data set reporting

Knowledge/Skills Required:

  • Ability to develop evidence-based health promotion programmes based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and the Ottawa Charter
  • Knowledge and understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi based health promotion
  • The major influences of lifestyle factors on disease and cancer survivorship
  • Understanding the medical, behavioural and socio-environmental approaches to health
  • Knowledge of the contextual relationship between a cancer patient and the pathway trajectory of their journey
  • Ability to critically evaluate own and organisation’s work practices to facilitate cultural safety
  • Tikanga Māori knowledge and skills
  • Te Reo skills would be an advantage
  • Previous experience working on equity, cancer support or community health projects would be an advantage
  • Full drivers licence

Personal Competencies:

  • Integrity: Upholds a high standard of ethical behaviour in everyday words and actions
  • Autonomy: Functions independently
  • Initiative: Evaluates complex situations and seeks practical solutions to problems
  • Planning and organising: Efficiently organises, plans work and manages time
  • Interpersonal Communication: Communicates clearly and effectively 
  • Client service: Recognises, empathises and relates to the cancer public. 
  • Resilience: Effectively and professionally deals with work-related problems, pressures and stress
  • Flexibility: Show flexibility and willingness to adapt in the on-going changing needs of the CSW team and organisation
  • Non-smoker

How to apply

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Please apply by sending your CV and covering letter to Michael Smith:


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