Presentations from Cancer Society Wellington events

Maxine Rosenfield - Supporting people with cancer to build resilience and self-care for Health Professionals

Dr Mary Lovely - The Changing Care Needs for Patients and Caregivers Throughout the Brain Tumor Journey

Palliative Care: a Primer and Focus on Brain Tumor 

Dr Mary Lovely, PHD, RN, CNRN. Assistant Adjunct Professor. 
University of California San Francisco
Patient Advocate Consultant

Dr Chris Jackson's Public Lecture June 2015
Colorectal Cancer in NZ: Initiatives and Challenges

Dr. Christopher Jackson, Medical Oncologist,
Southern DHB, Mercy Cancer Care, Senior Lecturer, University of Otago

Sexuality and Body Image In Colorectal Cancer Patients

Vicky Beban STN., M.N (Clinical).
CNS –Stomaltherapy

 Person-centred care: See the person not just the cancer

Inga O'Brien Supportive Care Manager and Deputy CEO at Cancer Society Wellington